Travel Don’ts for First Time Travellers

Rush! Singapore to Siem Reap in 6 weeks = missed things

Trying to squeeze in too much can be the bane of a traveller’s life, yes you want to see absolutely everything but oh god you only have 3 weeks to do it. I spent 6 weeks travelling up from Singapore to Siem Reap, which was massively rushed. I had to quickly gloss over most of Malaysia, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangna were all missed simply because I wanted to get to Angkor Wat in my time frame. In hindsight, I should have flown into Bangkok and headed out on a loop from there. See less in more time and really ensure you don’t miss anything! The other downside to doing things quickly is you end up spending extra money, flights are cheap in SE Asia but they soon add up. Which leads me nicely on to my next point

Where possible don’t fly – you miss the country

prop aircraft
A Prop aircraft in Thailand

Flying has made the world infinitely smaller, and getting around it infinitely easier. But it comes at a cost! The only real benefit to flying is the speed, it is more often than not the most expensive option. What is the point visiting a country to spend a lot of the time thousands of feet above it! There are times when a flight is essential are worth the extra cost, but most of the time a bus or train journey can be a much better way. Plus a lot of the longer journeys can be done overnight which is a double win to save money on the transport over flying and on a night in a hostel.

Carry anything you’d be upset if you lost

This one is a given really, but don’t carry anything you’d be upset if they went missing. I have never had anything stolen on my travels (touch wood) and have never once felt like I would. You are constantly moving, constanly lugging baggage around and breakages could happen, yes the £1000 Apple Mac would be great to have with you, but is it worth the risk when its strapped to the top of a mini-van spending 23 hours driving across Thailand. Not for me thanks!

Pack light

This is your home and is always on your back, make it easy to move

Related slightly to the last point but pack light, leave necessities at home. Sorry ladies but for the most part you seem to be the chief culprits. Do you really need the huge bag of makeup, hair dryer and straightens? I think not…!

Be that guy!

Every traveller will experience it at some point and will be pained by it. Hopefully, most travellers won’t become this person but some inevitably will. Imagine the scenario, you have been out on a hard days trekking and want to get some shut eye for your bus the following morning. You hear a group coming up the corridor and your bedroom door opens, fairly innocuous so far and a normal part of hostel life. The group enters the room and proceeds to flick the light switch, instantly bathing the room in a harsh white light. Your eyes are open, and you are most definitely now completely awake! This last one is slightly in jest, but c’mon people just buy a torch.

So they would be my top 5 tips to new travellers, any people with any other ideas please get in touch using the form below.



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